Atmosphere Car Light Interior Ambient Light

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2) Ideal for car decoration, parties, camping, bar decoration, etc.
3) RGB colors with multiple modes for you to choose
4) Lower thermal radiation, low power consumption, long lifespan
6) Phone application control with Bluetooth connection. With memory chip

1) Voltage: 12V DC
2) Control of the phone application: compatible with iOS and Android
3) Operating temperature: 20 ° C to 60 ° C
4) remote distance at the closing location: approx. 8-12 m
5) Length of the fiber optic strip: approx. 8 m
6) Light color: RGB
7) 9 in 1 fiber optic strip length: 8M

The light mode:
1. Sound Active Effects- The LED under car glow system is equipped with sound sensors that lets the LED lights synchronized with music beat. The LED music light strip follows the beat and adjusts flashing to fit the strength of the sound.
2. Music DECORATION- The Kit designed to be simple, yet also provides elegance inside the car when driving at night or enjoying music. And because it has sound sensor, the under car glow system synchronize with music beat.
3. Fall Asleep Mode-The Led light will have fall asleep mode. This mode can automatically change dark brightness to provide a good sleep atmosphere.
4.Brightness color temperature Adjustment-The LED is equipped with brightness color temperature adjustment mode. When you feel the light is dark, you can use this mode to change brightness.

Package Include: :
1 set of LED interior lights for the car: 9 piece
8M fiber optic strip length
Remote control